Bluefin Mako M12 IFM 6100-lumens 12v/24v
Bluefin Mako M12 IFM 6100-lumens 12v/24v

Bluefin Mako M12 IFM 6100-lumens 12v/24v

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The Mako M12 IFM underwater LED is the highest quality lamp from Bluefin with 20 years of experience in underwater light for boats.

Surface Mounted LED Underwater Boat Light.

We often relate light to watt, the more watt the more light.
The quality of LED is however very different, and the amount of "Lumens" are more interesting to understand.
Lumens are the amount of light coming from the lamp, the more lumens the more bright light, you get.
a 20 watt LED lamp can give 1600 lumens, while another 20 watt LED lamp only give 1200 lumens.
With these high quality lamps you get more lumens for your watt.

The Ultra compact design of the Mako M12 Interchangeable Flush Mount offers unrivalled performance producing 6100 Fixture Lumens with almost unlimited mounting options thanks to the low profile bezel and short body design.Thru Hull mounting provides a safe and secure fixing with the added benefit of a removable LED cartridge that can be serviced or upgraded from inside the hull eliminating the need to haul the boat.

Simple installation thanks to our inbuilt driver technology,just two wires to connect saving time and money in labour fees,reverse polarity protection with active thermal trip,Guard X protective coating applied to the lens prevents marine growth build up.

Suitable for transom, side and under hull mounting on all types of hull.

New Hydro Block and Nano Coating Technology 

Recommended for boats up to 22m/70ft

Available colours:



  • Hole cut out size: 65mm/2.5"
  • Mounting Type: Thru-Hull Interchangable
  • Lamp Lumens: Max 9000 / Fixture 6100
  • Typical LED life expectancy: 50,000 + hours
  • Voltage: 12v or 24, Power Draw 12v 5.1 Amps @ 24v 2.6 Amps
  • Max Wattage: 70 Watts
  • Protection: Over voltage,current,reverse polarity,active thermal, Hydro Block Technology
  • Fixture profile: 4mm
  • Fixture diameter: 85mm
  • Lens: Optical grade 8mm Borosilicate glass with Guard X coating
  • Fixture Material: AB2 Bronze with aluminium light engine cartridge
  • Beam Angle: 60 Degree
  • Type Approval: CE and RINA IEC 60529
  • Available Colours: 
  1. Diamond White
  2. Emerald Green
  3. Cobalt Blue
  • Total weight: 1.000 gram
  • Attached cable length: 1.8 mtr
  • Included in box: In-line fuse holder, rated fuse, Gel connector, Inline Crimps, Heat shrink, Fixing Screws, Template and installation instructions

Note: Delrin Isolation Sleeve must be used if fitting lights to Steel or Aluminium hulls